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lt's all in the name.
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Dimecoin is one of the earliest coins with its’ genesis in 2013 making it one of the longest running UXTO blockchains. Dimecoin has been exchanging hands thousands of times a day, is accepted as a form of payment in over 350 stores and held by citizens in over 43 countries. The Future
designed for you.
Delivering a seamless experience that makes digital payments simple. No extra fees or hidden charges. Explore Dimecoin


A Paradigm Shift

Developing products and services to meet your everyday financial needs.

For years our financial systems around the world have contributed to many of the inequities we see in levels of access to financial products and services. Technology had allowed us to seek solutions that before we thought not possible.

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The age of decentralization is upon us, and a few early-stage blockchain companies are working on solutions that will upend the way we interface with money. The concept of decentralized finance is the buzzword, and blockchain is what makes it all possible. Dimecoin is one of those projects. 

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As a fully decentralized public currency, Dimecoin is:


Anyone in the world can connect to it. When measured on a global scale, the level of access to the network is what solves the problem of inequity that we see in the current centralized system.


The value of this is that no central server or authority controls the access of data on the blockchain. Instead, records individually route to devices of the hundreds and even thousands of computers accessing the blockchain.


All transaction records are publicly viewable and, therefore, auditable. They can never be modified or erased, and that eliminates fraud on a massive scale. Dimecoin is transparent and immutable.

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What will our new economy look like? Will it be different? Look how Dimecoin is getting prepared.

Dimecoin is available on the following exchanges:


What is Dimecoin?

Building on top of a fully decentralized blockchain, we are designing payment technologies that are both innovative and accessible.

We are constructing products that place you back in control of your money. Solutions meant for your every day. A global payment solution that is fast, simple, and secure.

Dimecoin bridges blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into:

  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
  • Instant Global Remittances
  • Micro-Payments/ In-Game Pay
  • Currency Swap

We are committed to building solutions to meet your everyday financial needs.

Our Solutions and Services


Accept Dimecoin in your shop.


Store your Dimecoin.


Send money anywhere in the world, instantly.


Virtual currency exchangeable for fiat.





Market Cap (DIME)


Faster transaction speed


Transform your ideas into a great product

The way we bring value to the blockchain is by developing applications that make the use of Dimecoin seamless. We will also be exploring and further developing under the following segments.

  • Financial Services
  • Blockchain Strategy
  • Exchange Solutions
  • Smart Contracts
  • In-Game Payments
  • Staking Rewards

Dimecoin Network stewards the development of financial applications and software that are designed to empower people with the freedom to transact.

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Covid -19

After seeing the impact, virtual currency is better than dirty money. Help to stop the spread of germs by using Dimecoin as your payment tender.

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